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January 7, 2008

Contests for Tuesday Jan 8th

Ok, well sadly the first day of school went exactly how I expected.. my first professor seems nice though insainly hopped up on caffeine. He makes my caffeine addiction look mild. The second professor leaves me a bit perplexed.. he looks like something that wandered out of the Lousina swamps.. and hinted at being Cajun. Sadly he is my math teacher had thats by far my worst subject. I think m being way to doom de doom doom.. but I guess I'm trying to find any flaw I can.

  1. SevenDogsAndABaby - Boon Feeding Products - Enter by Jan 13th at midnight! *REPOST*
  2. Lookit - Omron HJ-112 Digital Premium Pedometer - Enter by Wensday!
  3. My Personal Reviews - $10 Target GC - Enter by Jan 11th!
  4. SuperPaige - Book Giveaway - Enter by Jan 14th!
  5. Peppers & Pollywogs - Hanna Montana Giveaway - Enter by Jan 16th!
  6. A Book Lover - Book Giveaway - Enter by midnight!
  7. West of Mars - Book Giveaway - Enter by Jan 12th!
  8. Serious Eats - Cook the Book Giveaway - Enter by Jan 14th!
  9. Shefinds - TV giveaway - Enter by Jan 16th
  10. - Nikon CoolPix P5100 Giveaway - Enter by Jan 21st!
  11. Healing Little Heros - Book Giveaway - Enter by Jan 30th!
  12. Metropolitan Mama - Weaning Book - Enter by Jan 9th!
  13. BuzzSugar - Season of Netflix Contest - Enter by 5pm
  14. BellaSugar - Fat Girl Slim Sweepstakes - Enter by 5pm!
  15. TV Squad - The Tudors Giveaway - Enter by Jan 11th!
  16. TV Squad - Battlestar Galactica: Razor Giveaway - Enter by Jan 11th!
  17. BuzzSugar - Year of Entertainment Contest - Enter by Jan 13th!
  18. SavvySugar - MacBook Sweepstakes - Enter by Jan 13th!
  19. - Evenflo Car Seat Giveaway - Enter by Jan 22nd!
  20. - Encouragement in Parenting for the New Year Giveaway - Enter by Jan 9th!
  21. Bloggy Giveaway - Peace Love Mom - Enter by Jan 12th!
  22. Hostess with the Mostess - Suprise Giveaway - Enter by Jan 12th!
  23. Cool Mom Picks - McBride Beauty - Enter by Midnight!