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January 6, 2008

Contests for Monday Jan 7th!

Eww today is the first day of a new semester for me at a new college.. and honestly I'm dreading it with every ounce of my body... blah. Now that school is officially back please forgive me if posting is a bit more sporadic than before. If your a blog owner and you have a contest running I beg of you please email me with the details it will save me a great deal of time which I'll thank you for later. :)

  1. SevenDogsAndABaby - Planner Giveaway - Enter by Jan 8th *REPOST*
  2. SevenDogsAndABaby - Boon Feeding Products - Enter by Jan 13th at midnight!
  3. Sweet Life in the Valley - Tutu Giveaway - Enter by Jan 10th!
  4. Ask the Admin - Toast Titanium 8 Giveaway - Enter by ?
  5. The Sky is Pink - Two Year Giveaway - Enter by Jan 8th!
  6. As Yet Untitled - Daring Book for Girls - Ends Jan 15th!
  7. - The Ultimate Tea Diet Giveaway - Enter by Jan 8th!
  8. Boutique Flair - Gail Schneider Designs tank top - Enter by Jan 18th!
  9. Boutique Flair - Angelic Genius - Enter by Jan 18th!
  10. The Fun Blog - Book Giveaway - Enter by Jan 5th!
  11. Are We there Yet - Under my Umbrella - Enter by Jan 12th!
  12. Island Life - MomAgenda - Enter by Jan 9th!
  13. Elizabeth Goddard - Book Giveaway - Enter by ?
  14. BuzzSugar - Season of Netflix Contest - Enter by 5pm!
  15. BellaSugar - Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter Sweepstakes - Enter by 5pm!
  16. Metropolitan Mama - Nursing after age one - enter by Jan 8th!
  17. Ellinghouse - Mei Tai Giveaway - Enter by Jan 11th!
  18. - How Strong Women Pray Giveaway - Enter by Jan 9th!
  19. Cool Mom Picks - PortaMe Carrier - Enter by midnight!
  20. Mama Speaks -Adiri Natural Nurser - Enter by midnight!
  21. Tangled and True - Sweetbeats Giveaway - Enter by tomorrow morning!


Anonymous said...

The Fun Blog Giveaway - bloggers can enter all week!

Sheila said...

I'm having a give-a-way on my review blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm also giving away a book this week. Enter before next Monday.

Stephanie said...

Great line-up today! Best wishes as you start your new semester!