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January 10, 2008

Contests for Friday Jan 11th!

OH! For those of you that wondered how the Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce was... um... yeh..
I would like to mention that I LIVE on Diet Dr Pepper (Dr Pepper if your reading out there.. I love you.. I am made of about 80% Dr Pepper as I drink more than should be legal so do not take this next statement as a slander) so for me to naysay anything Dr Pepper related is blasphemous.

Lets just say... The BBQ Sauce had a disturbing fortaste and aftertaste of stale flat Dr Pepper which if anyone has tried to drink a two day old warm open Dr Pepper from your desk (which has happened to me more times than I would like to admit) its not a good thing at all. Im sorry... Dr Pepper should be enjoyed cold, fresh, and not flat. I had pretty high hopes too. If anyone leaves in the Montgomery area and would like to give it a go its in my fridge awaiting its trash can burial.

Ok back to the contests :)

  1. SevenDogsAndABaby - God Gave Us You - Enter by Jan 16th! *REPOST*
  2. SevenDogsAndABaby - Boon Feeding Products - Enter by Jan 13th at midnight! *REPOST*
  3. Wise Bread - Prisoner of Love Necklace - Enter by Feb 7th
  4. Mindful Momma - Year Supply of Dropps - Enter by Jan 17th!
  5. - Day Runner Giveaway - Enter by Jan 23rd!
  6. BellaSugar - Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash Sweepstakes - Enter by 5pm!
  7. Bloggy Giveaways - Surprise a Pet! Giveaway - enter by midnight!
  8. BuzzSugar - Season of Netflix Contest - Enter by 5pm!
  9. Bloggy Giveaways - Peace Love Mom Giveaway - Enter by Jan 12th!
  10. Tangled and True - Chittypulga Giveaway - Enter by Jan 12th!

1 Comment:

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Oh I remember you talking about the sauce before...I had wanted to try it. So glad I didn't! LOL I LOVE Dr. Pepper, too....guess it's better by itself, huh? lol