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March 15, 2008

What have I won lately..

Someone asked in a comment what I won lately.. and the answer is not much over the last few months.. but here goes ..

  • Eight Dogs Named Jack - Book - (e) carpelibris - just won it not received yet.
  • Ikea Cassette Boxes - Got em today.. From One Idiot's Tale
  • Rock 'n Learn Alphabet and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom DVD from Prizey - not here yet.. but I'm excited. These are going in Connor's birthday gifts.
  • The Sky Isn't Visible From Here - Book - from CPA Mom - got it :)
  • Baby Jamz Chair - Blonde Walks Into a Blog - got it.. and Connor is getting it for his bday :)
Unless I am missing something.. I think thats all for jan/feb/march. Not bad.. but certainly not my best month ever.

What have you guys won?

1 Comment:

*Tanyetta* said...

I won the Mom Agenda.

thank you! i love your blog!